New Zodiac Project

New project, my mother has been practicing astrology for close to 40 years, she suggested characteristic elements that I have been using to create zodiac collages with. I am working backwards alphabetically through the zodiac, incorporating these elements into zodiac sign artwork. Just completed, making different products, such as calendars, binders, posters, greeting cards, iPad cases, ties… I will be doing some with listings of elements, and others with pictorial element, for everything other than the name of the sign and the date. Since I started with Virgo, that will be the first group of images published here. Images shown here available for purchase online, only at my Zazzle store so far, will be publishing to cafe press store, & devientArt, in the near future. Both stores offer additional products to choose from although Zazzle gives more editing options, so that is the first place I publish. Everything is a work in progress, so please feel free to make any suggestion you see fit. Maybe I can incorporate them into future or present astrology works.

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