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blakerobson\’s Kaboodle profile

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In order to make shopping for my art more fun and rewarding recently I have been creating listings of products that I offer for sale over the internet on kaboodle.  I like to offer a wide variety of products, so I publish products for sale on several internet stores, like Zazzle, Cafe Press, Deviant Art and others,  for example I offer clocks for sale on Cafe Press but not at other internet stores, also I offer some products at multiple store, for example posters so using kaboodle you can compare and find the best value or option as you could customize a print from Zazzle but not from other stores. Over 5,000 products added, as of 01/22/2011  If you have never tried using kaboodle I highly recommend it.  On kaboodle you can comparative shop and build list of you’re favorite products for yourself and anyone on you’re shopping list, and update them over time so that when you are ready to buy you have all the facts.  If you like you can even share you’re wish list, making it easy for you’re friends and family to find out what you would like and where to find it.  There are many benefits to using a shopping site like kaboodle, why not check it out for yourself.  Hope this information helps, as always I thank you for you’re time and attention.


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