Custom Vintage 1965 Ford Mustang Fastback 2 Plus 2 Artwork on Blackberry, Samsung Galaxy S, iPhone, iPad and iPod Case-mate Cases.

Custom Vintage 1965 Ford Mustang Fastback 2 Plus 2 Sports Car with Multi-Color Gradient Finish, Faux Metallic Silver Large Running Mustang Digital Graphics, Faux Functional Orange, Red, Purple and Greens Lights on Door, Gold Undercarriage and Chrome Detailing. Part of Blake’s Crown & Leopard Collection of Unique Cars with Designer Finishes & Mixed Graphics Packages. The Fastback 2+2 was first manufactured (VIN coded by Ford and titled as 1965 Models Began in Dearborn, Michigan on March 9, 1964. The Suggested Retail Price of US $2,368. It is Ford’s third oldest nameplate currently in production next to the F-Series pickup truck and the Falcon, that is still in production in Australia. Many (if not most) of the interior, chassis, suspension , and drivetrain components were derived from those used on Ford’s Falcon and Fairlane, others taken from other Ford models already in production The Fastback Design Traded Conventional Trunk Space for increased interior volume as well as giving exterior lines similar to those of the Corvette Sting Ray and European Sports Cars Such as the Jaguar E-Type. 418,000 Mustangs Sold During 1965 (a Record) and in its first eighteen months, more than one million Mustangs were Built. Sales in 2010 of 73,716 Ford Mustangs. Optional Customizable Abstract Light Brigade Digital Texture, Included with This Design.
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