Tequila Sunrise Over Atlantic Big Beach Big Fun

Here in Daytona  Beach we are know for are “Big Beach, Big Fun” & “Worlds Most Famous Beach” mottos so I included a set of stylishly designed beautiful women.  We are also know for the aerospace business and aeronautical schools, and air shows at the International Airport here, so I also included a stealth plane, which would be going to fast to photograph on queue so that way so it is coming in for an emergency beach landing.  I also added a flourish on the top and bottom that when well with the overall design and tied in mixed elements.  The photo edit is of the ocean, waves, coming sunrise and early morning splendor.  For this work I enhanced the natural colors and added highlights and texture, as well as creating a soft opaque feathered edge.    

View and/or purchase on gallery wrapped 100+ year canvas prints; http://www.zazzle.com/tequila_sunrise_over_atlantic_big_beach_big_fun_canvas-192189037211269902?gl=blakerobson&rf=238602950335616396


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