Blue Moon Ballet A Complete Fiction

Ocean floor cutaway of painted ballet dancers dancing on golden treasure, between the fish and seaweed on floor of the ocean.  In background is a pirate or sailing ship, well landscaped island with a lighthouse, a second ballet dancing couple, lots of pelicans (on there own island), ravens (by the monuments), eagles and seagulls flying high above all, men fighting with weapons, trees, green grass and flowers, beyond that are mountains and above everything (other then the seagulls) a full blue moon.  Sky is abstract mix of clouds and tidal waves.  This art may tell a story, however not one that has been told yet, that I leave up to you, the beholder.  Made the dancers by digitally painting a photograph posted by of Bucket List Publications, other elements came largely from links posted at; and other elements borrowed from places like I repainted the dancers in the foreground and kept most of the other elements in their natural state, but cutaway the backgrounds and placed them throughout the work.  For an excellent tutorial on this type of cutaway ocean effect and more, see PSHoudini’s deviantArt website.   

View and/or purchase on premium 100+ year gallery wrapped canvas prints;

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