Turtle Island Fantasy Secluded Resort

Ocean floor cutaway of turtle with encampment (secluded resort) on the top including wooded hut, rocks, multiple types of trees even a driftwood & carved rock stairway leading up to the wooden hut, with a goddess like women, in a long red scarf, which is blowing in the wind, holding her arms & hands above her head, standing at the top.  The turtle is emerging from the water & there is water rushing off of the shell, around the rocks and under the fortress built up above the shell.  Around & under the turtle is a wide variety of sea life including fish, starfish, sponges and a wide variety of seaweed.  The crystal clear water wraps around a bright white sand peninsula, with matching clouds over a blue sky, three seagulls complete this modern tropical ocean fantasy retreat art.  For excellent tutorial on this type of digital cutaway effect and link to elements such as the fish, seagulls and turtle visit; http://pshoudini.deviantart.com/ 

View and/or purchase on gallery wrapped canvas prints; http://www.zazzle.com/turtle_island_fantasy_secluded_resort_canvas-192943939896280585?gl=blakerobson&rf=238602950335616396

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